NM WebDex Y2K20 records the fugitive meanings of New Models’ vernacular as collectively defined by a swarm of NM dark forest dwellers in early 2021.
Algorithm Brain Rot

Consequence of spending too much time on websites feeding you algorithmically-optimized articles, posts, etc.

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LIL INTERNET: I want to say one more thing about the non-voting position. Sorry to bring it back. The worst thing about this argument being so common is that I always thought, for some reason, that leftists were more sincere online and weren't just kind of like trollishly embracing and espousing certain ideological statements just for the engagement or because it was hot on the platform. And I realize that's wrong. There's as much algorithm brain-rot among the Left online as there is anywhere else.

Daniel Keller: It's structurally designed to highlight the most extreme position, of course that's going to happen no matter what your position is. I just think that it's important to remember and to evaluate these things on the basis that they’re entertainment and like yeah, I mean, I also don't want to go into detail about this, but I got into a very annoying, completely insignificant flame war on Josh Citarella’s Instagram comment feed. Someone was very upset about his practice or something like that. but it's just like, is it entertaining? Do you like looking at this content? Then continue looking at it. If you don't, no one's making you. I was following a lot of Q people for whatever reason on Twitter. It was too much; I unfollowed them. And now they’re not there; it’s great. There’s too much posting, way too much. It's crazy how much. I don't see Masha’s posts in my feed but I'll see every single post by these Q influencers. It makes no sense.

LI: Because you pause on it to watch or look or read what it is. [The platform] knows how long you actually stay on the post.

DK: But even when it doesn’t, I honestly feel like Twitter loves Q. Like clearly that’s high engagement posting.

LI: I mean, it's also obvious that foreign actors are throwing gas on the ‘no voting’ thing right? Yeah, I don't want a badjacket it but it's just like, come on. Like if you tweet something about how people should vote, people will respond that you’re vote shaming… as if you're talking directly to them? Like what is this? I really don't understand the logic behind that, if a general public statement shows up in your feed you think that it's like been individually spoken to you. That’s fucking brain rot!