NM WebDex Y2K20 records the fugitive meanings of New Models’ vernacular as collectively defined by a swarm of NM dark forest dwellers in early 2021.
Casino World/Planet

Transfer that Corona stimulus check to [popular trading app] Robin Hood and 5x your gains! How else are you gonna make rent and your student loan payment while furloughed from your day job and all gigs are canceled through 2022? Casino World clicks on when the odds are down for survival via legacy systems and so the “rational” choice becomes gambling despite the high stakes. 2020’s market volatility plus Robin Hood making trading more accessible than ever attracted a new wave of very young, non-elite investors to trading this past year. Great news for those who lucked out; not so great for those who lost big, with no social safety net to break their fall. But the bigger story may be how sites like r/WallStreetBets (a Casino World central node) have changed our sense of value when the act of valuation itself has itself become a game—and one that often exploits or abstracts (as with Tesla) material value.

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Daniel Keller: I mean, it's true. We were I mean, if we're talking about “casino world,” we live in this casino world, they've turned everyone into gambling addicts, you know, there's also this Robin Hood app, like that's the biggest difference. There's like $0 commissions for trades.

Carly Busta: What's the Robin Hood app? I don't know it.

DK: It's this app that just makes it really, really easy to invest in more risky trade options for everybody, no minimum amount. You can also do fractional shares. So if it's like a really expensive stock with like, $1,000 you can still invest with 10 bucks. And so it's just like, there's this whole new class of just because, you know, like, casino investor poor like, middle class investors. And that's really changed things I just feel like there's just so much encouragement of just ratcheting up the risk everyone and all places because it's just like, you're gonna get left behind otherwise,

LIL INTERNET: Carly, remember when we were in Georgia (the country), in Tbilisi, and like they had all these little like ATM machines, like they look ATMs but you could pay your bills on them? Like they were kind of synched to like the electric [utility] companies and whatever. So you could like, pay your bills like stuff you do at a check cashing spot or something right? But you could also sports bet there.