NM WebDex Y2K20 records the fugitive meanings of New Models’ vernacular as collectively defined by a swarm of NM dark forest dwellers in early 2021.
Crystal Enslavement

Crystals grow, reproduce, resonate. Who are we to say they aren’t conscious, communicating through Quartzsong across the cosmos in a gentle hum of harmonic, sub-perceptual frequencies? And what does humankind do, knowing full well the wonders of these geometrically creative and colorful, even iridescent, brothers and sisters? Enslave them in our watches, laptops, and iPhones, forcing them to count seconds in endless torment in a Sisyphean task stripped away of all accoutrement until nothing remains but its tortuously mundane essence. If you hold the internet up closely to your ear, you can hear the crystals scream.

01:04:29 - 01:05:05

Carly Busta: We know, anyway, that being able to go into the agora and talk about politics was contingent on there being slaves that were taking care of all the basic functions of society, right.

LIL INTERNET: Slaves and civilization are totally connected.

CB: And you see that again with the rise of the Enlightenment where you have the slave class, which is growing the coffee beans or gathering the sugarcane, frothing the milk

LI: Chickens are slaves. Cows are slaves. I believe that we're enslaving crystal intelligences for our watches and processors.