NM WebDex Y2K20 records the fugitive meanings of New Models’ vernacular as collectively defined by a swarm of NM dark forest dwellers in early 2021.
Mommy Capitalism

The self-proclaimed economics of “lady who launches,” Sarah Cone, of the VC firm Social Impact Capital (IMPCapital). The firm is the incubator of Column, a social platform for the ultra-sensitive elite who can’t handle criticism, as demonstrated by Cone’s weepy defense of Column’s pitch deck against the mean people who leaked it for public mockery. The term was discovered by NM hosts while parsing through the deranged deck on NM TopSoil.

01:00:45 - 01:02:16

LIL INTERNET: Did you see @sarah_cone's racist tweet she got attacked for?

Daniel Keller: Oh no, please, I mean, it's not surprising considering [her] “talented minority” line

LI: She just wrote an apology—it’s the most recent thing on her Twitter—about removing this tweet. But the tweet was, “I realized that the new SIC associate can absolutely not get our traditional first day gift of a black swag hoodie, because he's a young black man. Too much key man risk. Going right now to the fabric store to customize his with reflective tape. Don't shoot, I'm just a VC.” She also tweeted “One of the more contrarian things I believe, is that we should normalize very young, like 18 year old women, having children/families with older men, then going to college and starting careers around 30-35.”

DK: I'm so shocked. She also wrote, “The great thing about me is that I'm a total liberal that believes that free markets are the best way to accomplish the liberal agenda. So basically, everyone just hates me.” Yep, that's why—it’s because you're a lib. I mean, that is why I hate you but... Oh my god, sorry, it says “Mommy capitalist, Founder and Managing partner of social impact capital seed stage, investing for VC returns and social impact.” Mommy capitalist and one woman think tank. Mommy Capitalism!