NM WebDex Y2K20 records the fugitive meanings of New Models’ vernacular as collectively defined by a swarm of NM dark forest dwellers in early 2021.

Loosely connected and/or overlapping ideological frameworks that constitute an economical or ideological system on a personal through to community level. Reflects a set of possibilities that may connect, coincide or contradict themselves to form a whole. Applied to lived geography, patchworks lead to NEW REGIONALISM.

01:25:26 - 01:26:40

LIL INTERNET: This Martin Gurri piece, which is on newmodels.io, is a really good piece that people have been talking about: How the United States is splitting into two very separate cultures since the turn of the millennium. I wonder how long until we have some real cultural balkanization, and there ends up being real conflict. We start to see it spilling off of the online, as it's been with Trump rallies, Proud Boys, and Antifa.

Daniel Keller: I think the Silicon Valley exodus is definitely indicative of that. You know, all these companies are moving, right—Oracle, Elon Musk, whatever—they're all moving to Texas.

LI: There’s also no personal income tax there.

DK: Well, that's the thing is there's gonna be more regulatory arbitrage. And in a way, I think, that's probably the best outcome for America now is like...okay, it seems ungovernable, have a patchwork and have some, positive patches.

LI: Become more like the EU. And like...

DK: But if you combine this sort of patchwork system with some sort of federal UBI that made it easier to be mobile between the patches, so there actually was some sort of choice there. If you made it easier for people to pick where they're living based off of culture, or ruleset, then yes, that's like “truer” democracy, for sure.