NM WebDex Y2K20 records the fugitive meanings of New Models’ vernacular as collectively defined by a swarm of NM dark forest dwellers in early 2021.

A new middle class made of those who once identified as wealthy—or at least nearly so, such as celebs with a couple million in the bank. When you do the math, retiring comfortably in 2020 means >$3M in liquid assets—a baseline capable of making enough money to maintain middle-to-upper-middle class lifestyle for a decade or two to come. Parallels AUTOMATED INFLUENCERS.

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Carly Busta: The point I was gonna make is that I'm pretty sure that if things continue along the current trajectory there will be a new middle class, but it will be composed of people who thought they were upper-middle class or upper class, and they're just going to realize that based on their salaries, I mean, like we said before, like celebrities who have a net worth of a couple million are going to feel middle class, that's gonna be the new structure in America.

Daniel Keller: We're, like, solidly middle class culturally, obviously, but like by income, I mean, globally, obviously. 1% Probably, yeah, or 5% or something. But we're like below the poverty line in most American cities. What we earn I think… Certainly big ones. I mean, even here… it's just like yeah, class and culture. I think there's just going to be a vestigial thing of people who grew up richer than they ended up, of downwardly mobile millennials that kind of inherit the culture.

LIL INTERNET: They’re gonna be calling them like the “under rich” or something. You know, like Time magazine is gonna make up a name for the rich people who ended up middle class after all of this.

CB: Yeah, what will it be called?

LI: Ex-rich?

CB: The sub-rich?

DK: Post-rich.