NM WebDex Y2K20 records the fugitive meanings of New Models’ vernacular as collectively defined by a swarm of NM dark forest dwellers in early 2021.
Behind New Models Webdex Y2K20

NM Webdex Y2K20 Research, Design, and Production Team: Bradley Griffith @bradley, Przemysław Dabrowski @dan, David Yoakum @davidy, Ian Glover @gristleism, Jak Ritger @ja_ak_rtgr, @jakubv, Jason Thompson, @jord0, Leïth Benkhedda @leïth, @localhost96, Matīss Groskaufmanis @mgr, Michal Jurgielewicz @eclectictasteofbot, @phm, Will Freudenheim @_will, with additional contributions by the New Models community.

Glossary terms collectively defined by the New Models community (winter 2021).

Webdex intro video by Will Freudenheim @_will, with sound by @phm; Webdex intro text by @phm.

Featured glossary readings by @algoriddims, Bradley Griffith @bradley, Felix Ansmann @Jinzo, Orla Tiffney @orfhtiff, @phm,  Will Freudenheim @_will.

Additional audio excerpted from NM TopSoil and the New Models Podcast: hosts Caroline Busta @carly, Daniel Keller @DnlKlr, and @LILINTERNET; with guests Anke Dyes, Arthur Jones, Mike Crumplar, Nora Kahn, Pierce Myers, and Venkatesh Rao.

Podcast production and alt-text: @LILINTERNET.

NM Codex Editorial & Production Team: Attila Haraszti, Jak Ritger, Leïth Benkhedda, Matīss Groskaufmanis, Orla Tiffney, @phm, Rosie Overell, Sarah Wambold, Will Freudenheim.